A spiral staircase leading nowhere or everywhere. An airy choreography of steps. Two women lost in everyday up to surreal reflections, as intimate as the music. A singer, rapper, poet tells us in raw songs her personal desires and fears, about her moving, turning in circles or getting stuck in this/her world. A dancer in action. Whether ahead of time, behind or in the right in the middle of it. Missing steps, hitting, adding, loosing, destroying. Moving  sound images come and go. In the center o fit remains the winding – stairs, with the same questioning to the performers as well as the audience: what moves us, as we move,and how do we move backwards, forwards or in circles?

Four independent images of a 15 minutes on tour through Switzerland and Europe.

Loutop wants to explore new spaces and performance formats. The composition of the performance is done in agreement with the respective programmer. The winding staircase is an installation, a sculpture that speaks for itself. Installed in unexpected spaces, out- or indoors: at a festival, in a museum, a factory, the roof terrace of a building, on a stage, a field, in public spaces etc.  Loutop would like to inspire you to find exceptional performance spaces.