A three- meter high ramp is the center of an artistic open-air spectacle including contemporary dance , acrobatics and live music. Two people , a he and a she, fall, run and fly through life and love. The first production of  Loutop takes us on a fantastic adventure about absurd dependencies and great feelings .

A stage on which horizontal and vertical are not easy to grasp and loosing itself in the getaway. The large ramp is not only stage space , but program. Loutop cleverly used The current flowing transition between the two levels to deceive the viewer’s eye and to achieve amazing effects .

Same as in real life the piece sometimes dives into melancholy , sometimes funny , sometimes bizarre spaces. One he and one she move on their path of life , meet, separate, get lost in material abundance and excess of emotions. With dance , acrobatics , singing and live music Loutop reveals everyday absurdities and human dependencies, ending up in dead ends , finding new perspectives , open – and this quite literally – doors to unexpected spaces on the stage and in the imagination. Live music with vocals, drums , accordion and guitar interwaves closely with the dance , creating – along with the light – a dense atmosphere.