The end of the world open-air
“Desmond“  tells of life in general, of feelings, of constraints, of longing and a little bit of love. A towering ball of 5 meters in height is the stage and the centre point, around and in which everything moves. Created by contemporary dance, acrobatics and live music, entire worlds arise and fade again. With its artistic open-air dance-spectacle, Loutop takes us away on a fantastic journey from a human being to a protozoon and back.

At the beginning, everything goes smoothly. Four people move mechanically on the surface of the huge ball and thus through everyday life. Everything works, until tiny irritations force the structures out of control. The equilibrium is unhinged and the world and its inhabitants perish.

The free fall into emptiness ends on new grounds, the downfall provokes a new start in a still empty world. In fast motion, evolution takes place, from plankton to a shoal, on to a quadruped and finally back to a human being, including all its feelings, compulsions and desires. Is a second chance to build a world doomed to failure?

In “Desmond”, Loutop tells an old and at the same time always new story of the world we live in together and of the world everyone builds for themself. Contemporary dance, acrobatics and live music are combined to a visionary open-air spectacle producing illusions and awakening fantastic dreams. Whimsical, full of humour and poetry, Loutop’s piece is an adventure between instinctive wildlife and virtually manipulated existences, between a dreaming pre-existence and a mechanically structured daily routine.