„Attache“ is the current production of Loutop – Contemporary Dance Nomads. Whimsical body language, virtuous artistry and modern sound puzzles create a unique universe of poetic pictures with subtle humour. They tell of the impossibility of a real encounter. Is it all just an absurd dream, or a nightmare?

The starting point of the research is the moment when dependency begins, when it takes over and hinders oneself from taking the step to one‘s counterpart.
A dangerously steep ramp, a lonely tower, only dimly lit by an old street lamp. The stage setting opens up a univers where nothing stays in the vertical or horizontal, where dancers lose the ground beneath their feet as they try to steady themselves in the next dimension, in order to meet each other.

There are the three of them, four with the street lamp. The dancer, a melancholic figure, enlaced in her mantle, which gets stuck and transforms her body to a manipulable sculpture. Her counterpart, a playful circus artist, is curious and obsessed with freedom. He whirls across the stage in his growing wheel and yet he never comes any further than to the border of the platform. Withdrawn of it all, and still in the middle of the action, is the sound puzzler who lures tones out of every angle of the stage with his adventurous metallic installations. A unique soundtrack, somewhere between brute sounds of industry and lulling music of other spheres.

Each of them gives all to find the other with acrobatic and tonal obsession, thoroughgoingly and beautifully. Not even the forth of them, the street lamp, is unmoved by this. Together and yet lonely they circle, all four; they circle around each other and around themselves.

A distinct form of contemporary dance language, ranging from the horizontal to the vertical, elegantly mingles with physical theatre and the acrobatic discipline of the Cyr wheel. Authen- ticity produces the touching energy of the show. The imagina- tive realisation is a blend of daily situations and illusionary pictures with magical realism, and playgoers are not sent home without a smile on the topic.

Do they really meet at the end? This question stays open to imagination and interpretation.