Moni Wespi

Choreographer / Visual Artist / Dancer    (CH/B)

Born in the US, raised in Switzerland and South America, she trained intensively to become an olympic gymnast. As a visual artist, she continues creating over dimensional sculptures and is an prolific drawer and sculptor. Trained as as dancer and choreographer at the Laban Center (London), she has worked with various contemporary dance companies, e.g.; Somafon by Brigitte Schrepfer, flowingdancecompany, compagnie de Genève. Further training has been undertaken amongst many others at performance labs w/Wendy Houston, view into creative Processes w/Wim Vandekeybus and workshops w/Anton Lachky des Slovaks. Trained as dancer, choreographer, but equally interior designer and artist of recycled goods, she is inspired to develop Loutop’s choreographic creations in an around innovative scenic experiences since 2007. Her work as a choreographer awards her a «Werkstipendium» in 2010 from the city of Zurich. Since 2011 she makes also part of the compagnie « Asphalt Piloten » which were awarded the « SCHWEIZERTANZPREIS BAK 2013 » from Switzerland, Bundesamt für Kultur and the prize « Kultur -KREATIVPILOTEN 2013 » Bundesministerium für Kultur und Medien Germany. In 2015 she has created a Solo-work in a Tube of water, for the Project Nostube, Jörg Müller /Tapaj. Since 2014 she is working for Loutop on the creation for the new project “Moving Portrait” in collaboration with Lucia Gerhardt, and she developpes visual material and scenographic creations for Clips, as well as Theater and Dance Performances.